Museum Artifacts

The museum contains many primary sources and provide a deeper understanding of the human condition.

See and experience direct or firsthand evidence about an event, object or person, including historical and legal documents, photographs, artifacts, memorabilia, and art objects. We have over 600 artifacts!

A beautiful print copy of the circa 1875 painting of the Masonic Lord's Prayer. The emblems and symbols of the Masonic fraternity entwined with the words of the Lord's Prayer, it is of special significance to Freemasons.

Dan'ls daughter, a young slave girl named Mary Quarles referenced to as a playmate and nurse of Samuel Clemens and his cousin Tabitha Quarles Greening, appeared in Albert Bigelow Paine's "Mark Twain: Some Chapter from an Extraordinary Life, "Harper's Monthly Magazine 123 (November 1911) 819. The photo of Mary Quarles used in the magazine article is cataloged at University of Berkeley California. information on the back of the photo suggest that the photograph was taken in 1907 and that she was 78 at the time, and that (apparently) the photo was made by Albert Bigelow Paine, who became Mark Twain's official biographer. (Information received from: Vic Fisher, University of Berkeley). A notice of Mary Quarles-Riggs death was announced in the Hannibal, Missouri newspaper and listed her death in 1909.

Early colored physician

Photograph cover of the 1925 Douglas School yearbook

Framed '30s postcard in the Jim Crow display

JET Magazine - a staple in many African American households, even rural communities

1936 photograph of Universal Atlas Cement Plant

Book written by Marion B. Powers. Book written for local writers club. Mr. Powers was an educator, minister, and community leader. Book written about The Douglas school experience.

A facsimile of a letter written by WWII soldier to home.

Photograph or a shoe store located on Market street. Donated by John Delaporte

African American written about or impacted by Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)